About the Author

I am a Latin teacher, a Classics doctoral student, and a dedicated fan of all things geeky and nerdy. This blog is the home for my critical writing that blends these, or that does not quite fit with the work I am doing for one of my academic fields but that I would still like to see the light of day.

I am also a woman, a person with disabilities, a religious minority, a union member, and a person of very strong opinions. Some of my posts will be very political, though as years pass I find myself more and more on the moderate part of the political spectrum.

I greatly enjoy lively discussion! Please feel free to argue with me and push back on my opinions, as long as discussion remains civil and respectful – I will do the same for you. I think it’s more fun that way.

One more piece of site information: I feel that specific trigger warnings are disrespectful to trauma survivors, as they assume that I have complete understanding and ability to predict their reactions to my writing. This is not the case. I will be providing general content advisories when my posts have potentially disturbing content (Roman history and myth are not always pretty) and I will do my best to telegraph what is coming up in any such post so that there are no surprises. In my teaching practice, I have found that this has been the most effective practice, and I will be employing it here out of respect for anyone who has survived traumas of various types. My deepest respect and sympathy goes out to all such survivors.

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